Women’s Canada Goose Jackets

“On my last step towards the summit of Everest my foot fell through the snow. Then it happened again. Finally, on my third try it held and I climbed to the top of the world.

canada goose kensington parka Looking out across hundreds of kilometers, I paused to remember the four men who lost their lives during our ascent. I hoped it might matter to them that a few of us had persevered.

It was cold. Thirty below. But we had the right clothing for the conditions. This gave us some time to take it all in. I shut off my oxygen system and breathed in the ambient air of Everest’s summit. It was 9:30am. We had the whole day to get off alive.”

—Laurie Skreslet, Climber, speaker, the first Canadian to summit Everest.

I love this parka. I work in the construction industry in Northern Alberta Canada. Winter often brings -40 degrees with wind. I really like the fact that the hood has a wire in the fur ruff so you can shape in around your face to keep the wind out. The cuffs have extra long bindings so no cold leaks between cuff and glove.

canada goose victoria parka The fur trim really needs to be a zip off for cleaning but I would order it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Canada Goose. I really needed a coat like this.

canada goose jacket mens LOVE LOVE LOVE this parka! It’s the shiznit! I had bought 2 others of the same style and returned them due to the sizing was too big for me. I am #125 & 5’8″ and the women’s small fit me good! I live where the temp can get as low as 50 below in the winter and I walk to work being that I live so close it’s pointless to drive. This parka keeps me toasty warm and unexposed to the elements. It’s very pricey but worth the money and my Xmas present to me this year!

I now understand why it is so popular
canada goose outlet store Expensive, yes, but if I put together all the jackets I bought over the years and they aren’t even warm enough for the NYC winters and they get destroyed after two winters…… I think it’s totally worth it to get this jacket
Im 5’6” 130 lbs I got the Medium and it fits me perfectly, but I have a muscular body with wide shoulders and very long arms

canada goose jacket clearance I was looking for a warm coat and I came across canada goose and was impressed by the reviews from people.
So i decided to go ahead and place the order. The jacket is perfect for extreme cold and always keeps me warm.
The jacket is a bit roomy for me, I usually wear size 8. If you are not planing to wear heavier layers inside then you can
purchase one size smaller. There is no need for scarf or cap as the jacket has an awsome hood.
It has a very neat look and I like the finish. if you want to be warm then this is all you need.

canada goose womens sale If the price were lower, five stars for sure! But having worn L.L. Bean “Baxter State Parkas” for years now, and feeling they were just as warm, it’s a little bit difficult to justify this price. I love the jacket, to be sure, but the coyote fur trim is not as lush as I hoped it would be (it is authentic, I checked the Canada Goose web site for all the ways to verify authenticity) for 3x the cost of the L.L. Bean parka.

I love all the pockets, the fluffy lining of the chin guard, and the hood is awesome.

I got a medium, and feel it is a bit large in the shoulder/bust.

I LOVE the length!

The pockets are perfection, and the color (I got red) fabulous.

My friend in Winnipeg says this is the parka “rich” Canadians wear!
Women’s Canada Goose Jackets This coat is beautiful, stylish and the warmest coat I have ever worn. I bought the red expedition and it has the most amazing fur collar. My boyfriend and I are avid outdoor people and hike all year long. This MI winter, 2014, has been particularly brutal. We were so excited one evening when it was 30 below zero with the wind chill to go out and really test our coats. We were not disappointed.We felt like the only people on earth, no one was outside but us and we were not the slightest bit cold. One woman drove by and actually asked us, “What in the hell are you wearing?” We happily gave a glowing review. With a turtle fur pulled up over my nose a hat on and the wonderful hood pulled up my face and head were not cold at all, of course my body was toasty warm wrapped in the goose down.
Also, wearing Canada goose mittens and my fingers were not cold. My only concern about the coat is the fur collar does not zip off for cleaning. The coat runs big. I am 5’8″, 150 lbs, bought a medium, fits nicely and room enough for a heavy sweater and layering.

Canada Goose Ladies Beechwood Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Bracebridge Jacket
Canada Goose Ladies Brookvale Hooded Coat
Canada Goose Ladies Brookvale Hoody
Canada Goose Ladies Burnett Jacket

I work outside year round in Chicago, sometimes overnight or for 12 hours or both. This coat has completely changed my opinion of winter, I don’t shiver, ever. Feels like you are standing inside even at 20 below. I was concerned it might not be suitable for rough working conditions, but the material is strong, everything is solidly constructed, plenty of room for tools, etc. I feel this coat could take some abuse and hold up well. I struggled with the high price tag, but I’m so happy I made this purchase, it is well worth every penny.
I’m finally looking forward to our winter weather thanks to Canada Goose. My bright and cheerful Summit Pink Expedition Parka will permit me to enjoy the fresh cold air and natural beauty of our Quebec winter, without having to be rendered immobile by multiple layers of clothing. Bring it on Jack Frost!

Canada Goose Ladies Camp Hooded Jacket
Canada Goose Ladies Camp Hoody
Canada Goose Ladies Camrose Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Chelsea Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Chilliwack Bomber
CG is exceptional. I got a pretty darn good deal on Amazon on this purchase. If you don’t know Canada Goose and you want to stay warm in the cold weather, you need to get to know the brand. You can wear a t-shirt under this coat in -20 F and be warm. It’s that good and better. You can’t explain Canada Goose, you must experience Canada Goose. That tag line is what they should have for their product line. It is absolutely incredible.

Canada Goose Ladies Dawson Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Expedition Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Fernie Jacket
Canada Goose Ladies Freestyle Vest
Canada Goose Ladies Heatherton Parka

Due to the popularity of Canada Goose during the fall/winter season, many of you may find yourself wanting to pick up a CG jacket. Finding a legit one may be a difficult task seeing as there are so many fakes out there. Nobody wants to be a fool, yet year after year I read stories of some chump losing their hard earned dollars on a fake jacket. Hopefully this thread will help make sure that next chump isn’t you.

I hope for this to be the most comprehensive and accurate guide to authentic and counterfeit facts.

1. Identify if a jacket is legit or fake. Users may post below the pictures of the jackets. Forum members with knowledge will help out.

2. Reduce clutter in Fashion: Apparel section

3. Make aware new trends of Authenticity and security, design and detail. Also awareness of trends with fakes.

Canada Goose Ladies Huron Bomber
Canada Goose Ladies Hybridge Hoody
Canada Goose Ladies Hybridge Jacket
Canada Goose Ladies Hybridge Lite Jacket
Canada Goose Ladies Hybridge Lite Long Coat

1. PRICE Other than store membership discounts, you will rarely see see CG go on sale in a store. It sells out every year. Maybe you found someone who bought it and needs to get rid of it.
Just like with real electronics online, a seller would list it for a reasonable price like at 80% of its retail value.

Tip: Watch out for the listing for new on sale for $250 or half price.

2. FUR The number one tell if a Canada Goose coat is real, is the fur. In the history of fake CG jackets coming out of China, they have never used COYOTE FUR. It is simply too expensive and difficult to obtain in China. It is not cost effective for a fake product. CG pride themselves on using top of the line quality materials (*details on faux fur below).


Canada Goose Ladies Kensington Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Kensington Parka CG55
Canada Goose Ladies Lorette Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Montebello CG55
Canada Goose Ladies Montebello Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Montebello Parka – Fusion Fit

Take a look at the entire fur. Does each strand look different? Or is the entire fur uniform and solid in white/cream? If it looks like the pic below chances are it is a fake. Note that there are special edition authentic CG that may use one solid colour (**details on special editions below)

Fur too short? Not all animals are the same. Some grow longer fur, some grow shorter. This is not a way to decipher between authentic or not.

3. TAGS Keep yourself up to date with the latest tags. Ask the seller which year the model is, or when it was bought. Ask them if they still have the tags. CG kept the same tag design for years until 2006/7 or so, when they changed the shape. Since then, it has changed a few times, in size, design, colour, print etc.
One thing that has NOT changed, are the counterfeit tags.

Canada Goose Ladies Moraine Shell Jacket
Canada Goose Ladies PBI Camp Hoody
Canada Goose Ladies Rideau Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Ridge Shell Jacket

Counterfeit tags use a large Canadian flag logo in red, “MADE IN CANADA” –> This is bs. 100% sure tell its fake. Notice the difference with above legit tags.

4-A. LOGO CG had an interior logo change a few years back, the same year they changed tag design. In fact, the design used to be an outline of a goose, with head and beak pointing in one direction on a black background. This logo is found on the back of the inner lining, and also on the front left hand bottom pocket. This was changed recently to a circular logo, which is the patch design found on the outside of all CG coats.

Counterfeiters have long used the old logo design on the inner liner and front pocket. Basically they have not updated the counterfeit design, yet.
On an authentic interior black logo, there is a website address that says “www.canada-goose.com”. Look carefully at the address. If it says “www.canada.goose” with both words separated by a dot, then it is fake.


Canada Goose Ladies Rossclair Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Rowan Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Roxton Shirt
Canada Goose Ladies Sable Hoody
Canada Goose Ladies Savona Bomber
Canada Goose Ladies Shelburne Parka

Authentic outer badge located on arm. Some coats have badge on left arm, some on right. Pay attention to detail. Authentic badges are high quality and usually do not have loose thread, unless damaged or used.

Tip: If a seller claims the jacket is brand new, yet with the old logo, it is 100% fake. If he claims it is used, bought years back, then it is possible it is authentic.
*edit* this rule may not apply to discontinued models, which could be left over from previous seasons unsold. Some official store sites may sometimes carry discontinued or unsold items with old logo.

5. ELASTIC CUFFS Older authentic models were made of cuffs and elastic on the bottom of the jacket that matched in colour to the jacket’s colour. For instance, if the jacket is red, the cuffs were red too. This matching design was changed to pure black elastic in about 2005, maybe even earlier. Again, a lot of fake models will use the older design of uniform colour throughout jacket. Basically, if someone claims the item is brand new, yet has non-black cuffs, it is fake. Period.

Canada Goose Ladies Sydney Hoody
Canada Goose Ladies Timber Shell Jacket
Canada Goose Ladies Trillium Parka
Canada Goose Ladies Trillium Parka CG55
Canada Goose Ladies Trillium Parka Fusion Fit
Canada Goose Ladies Victoria Parka

Is it possible it is real? Yes, absolutely. If the customer bought it a long time ago, and it is in used condition, and tells you this upfront, then give him the benefit of the doubt, and move on to the other tells in this guide.

6. Chilliwack, Expedition, other?

There are a lot of fakes being sold on ebay or fake sites such as the ones found on http://www.canada-goose.com/counterfeiting . From my experience, the only few faked models out there are the:

Chilliwack – confirmed
Expedition – confirmed
Trillium – confirmed (First sighted October 2011) – MORE INFO ON PAGE 6. I GIVE SOME FURTHER DETAILS ON FAKE TRILLIUMS.

Notice the orange tinge. Notice the fake tag that has slightly different graphic. This is the main fake that is being sold right now. Comes with fake HUGE LOGO BAG to pressure you into thinking its real must be legit.

1. Fake tag. Its smaller than the real tags by 25%. Also the graphic is slightly different from a real tag these days..
2. The fur is fake. They are using fur that is close to coyote but its not.. check the fur its like orange tinge if you notice.
3. Its not shown here, but most fakes now come with a “CG Garment Bag” 100% fake.
Snow mantra – possible

I have yet to see other fake models out there.
Reason why is because the other models do not sell as well. However, I am almost certain we will see other models faked very soon.

*Faux fur, or Rabbit fur, or other alternative furs are used in China counterfeits. However, there was an official faux fur edition Canada Goose sold exclusively at ROOTS for a short period back pre-2005. Faux fur is often uniform in colour, such as the example picture above, pure white or cream colour. It is a bit rough, not as smooth as coyote fur.

**Special Editions – There are several special or limited editions of CG coats, such as the Arctic Fox Edition that featured a pure white, uniform colour fur from Arctic Fox. The fur is soft and smooth, and only a limited production making it an expensive jacket that wont be sold for less than MSRP even if used. Other special editions include Concepts with Wolverine fur and OVO with black fur.

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